Praise for The Reckoning

“Energetic and provocative…[written] with the fury of Eldridge Cleaver, the straightforwardness of Malcolm X, and the intellectual rigor of W.E.B. DuBois. … Essential reading for all Americans.”
Library Journal
“A wake-up call to the black leaders and citizens of America.”
Chicago Defender
“Startling insight is given concerning crime and poverty that grips much of America…. The Reckoning begins a plea that may be answered by many of read The Debt.
The Sunday Oklahoman
“Robinson is a sharp storyteller, jarring and fascinating as he goes, which makes his message of personal responsibility, of the kind of sacrifice and vision that have always been in short supply, a welcome obligation.”
Kirkus Reviews
“ENERGETIC AND PROVOCATIVE. Essential reading for all Americans.”
Library Journal
“A REALITY CHECK that underscores the idea of ‘lifting as we climb.’…. Robinson’s charge goes beyond mere lip service…The Reckoning makes you stop and think, and inspires you to take action toward uplifting the black community as a collective.”
Heart and Soul magazine
Publishers Weekly
“Robinson provides his readers with RAZOR-KEEN insights…. In frank and to-the-point terms, The Reckoning pays tribute to the residents of the neighborhoods who are waging their struggles to free their communities from economic hardship and social pathology.”
Black Men
“This study of the complex interrelationship of history, poverty, crime, prison, and politics…is an admirable attempt to grapple with…urgent problems being actively ignored.”
St. Petersburg Times