Praise for Defending the Spirit

“Robinson’s gripping story serves as a history lesson—and wake-up call—for all Americans.”
Black Enterprise
“An important book by one of America’s most independent voices…. Pick it up and be transported through a lesson in American history."
Omaha World-Herald
“The value of this autobiography is far greater than any personal journey…. The book’s significance lies in explanations of the politics affecting the Black world. It is news the media never reported, which can help direct the future of Black political activism.”
"If you think race relations have really improved over the last 20 years, then you need to read Randall Robinson’s Defending the Spirit. From the opening pages of this series of mainly autobiographical essays, Robinson gives no quarter in his role as myth-buster…. Enough food for thought to satisfy an intellectual glutton."
The Philadelphia Inquirer
“Simply engaging…. Robinson is a good writer who knows how to get to the drama of the moment, how to blend the emotional and the intellectual—in a word, how to teach.”
New York Amsterdam News
“The lessons between its covers are far too important to forget."
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
"A remarkable behind-the-scenes look at race relations and the ways in which American foreign policy is crafted and, most importantly, changed. In an era in which apathy colludes with Americans’ increasing interest in putting themselves first to create an America of near strangers, this book provides inspirational proof that we not only can but must fight the racial status quo…. At once provoking and poignant, this memoir reminds the reader of the value of getting justice rather than simply getting mad."
Kirkus Reviews
"An unfiltered, uncensored, smart black voice in your ear."
The Washington Post