Praise for The Debt

“Incisive…keenly observed, perceptively written.… Some of the most beautifully written anecdotes and carefully crafted prose ever seen in a book with such political purpose.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer
“A book that is both unflinching in its indictment of past wrongs and an impassioned call to our nation to educate all Americans—black and white alike—about the history of Africa and its people, The Debt tells us, in no uncertain terms, what white America owes blacks and what blacks owe themselves.”
Chicago Defender
“Engaging.… Robinson continues an inportant conversation…. His anecdotes support his attempts to reclaim African heritage and empower African Americans.”
The Washington Post
“Randall Robinson eruditely highlights America’s poverty of truths pertaining to its historical and institutional abuses of Black Americans. The Debt begs the question—Will America ever be a true democracy?”
—Dr. Camille O. Cosby
“Randall Robinson does it again with this follow up to his amazing memoir Defending the Spirit. He tells it like it is and we all the better—and stronger—for it.”
—Edwidge Danticat, author of The Farming of Bones
“Randall Robinson is an authentic American hero and a true patriot. He loves his country but is unafraid to rebuke or expose its sins. America is indebted to her black people, and Randall makes the case for why we must not and can not accept a check marked insufficient funds.”
—Tavis Smiley
“Randall Robinson’s eloquent book—The Fire Next Time, perhaps, for this generation—could help to turn a mood into a movement.”
Atlantic Monthly
“Remarkable.… An impassioned plea for America to recognize the horrible crime of slavery and its impact on people of African descent, as well as the fundamental role Africans played in the march of civilization…. Robinson has written a moving and bold testimonial.”
“In a manner strikingly reminiscent of James Baldwin, Robinson combines acute insight, attention to the obvious but overlooked, and unpretentious breadth of vision.”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette